We at Tillie Creative Design love designing with letterpress and working with the sumptuous, thick, quality materials that are used in this centuries old art form. Our letterpress invitations, stationery and cards feature custom artwork that reflects the most current design trends.

The superb printmaking papers used for our letterpress are the finest 100% pure, eco-friendly cotton papers from Crane. The richness and thickness of the cotton paper allows the design to be sunken deep into the plush surface of the paper. The letterpress imprint is maximized due to the paper’s special fabric-like texture. This creates a beautiful look that is irresistibly soft to the touch and very pleasing to the eye.

Our letterpress paper is Crane’s Lettra. This paper is available in fluorescent white, pearl white and Ecru white. We do work with other colors and types of papers for letterpress printing.

Because we truly believe in the art, beauty and fine craftsmanship of letterpress, we try to make letterpress affordable to all our customers.

The following is a listing of our affordable letterpress prices:
- $480 for 100 Letterpress Invitations with matching envelopes
- $270 for 100 Letterpress RSVP Cards with matching envelopes
- $255 for 100 Letterpress Reception Cards
- $480 for 100 Letterpress Save the Date Cards with matching envelopes


We are dedicated to the superior quality of our products!