Creating custom maps for all celebrations with beautiful illustrations and detailed directions that are unique and unquestionably yours.  
About Our Maps_______________  
At Invite Maps by Tillie, a sister company of Tillie Creative Design, we believe your map should be a unique reflection of your occasion. Each element of your map will be meticulously considered and will reflect your vision of your special event. Our goal is to work with you to create a map for your event that is unique and unquestionably yours.

Beautiful illustrations, excellent craftsmanship and detailed directions are our key focus on our maps. The illustrations can be used for ceremony covers, stationery, cards and more. We focus on providing clear, concise, and detailed directions that will help your guests find their way to your events.

We offer maps for every budget and need. We can provide maps that compliment your wedding invitations and maps for baby showers, open houses, save-the dates, birthday parties, anniversaries, mommy and me play dates and many other special occasions.

We also carry maps specifically designed for corporations. Theses maps may be placed in corporate marketing literature or used with invitations.

A map is an excellent place in the invitation to put all the important details of your event and to have the opportunity to let your guests know a little about you.

Each of our Maps contain the following:
• Meticulous attention to detail and excellent craftsmanship
• Space to include your website for your wedding, event or corporation
• Choice of font (every effort will be made to match your invitation’s fonts)
• One illustration of a building, event related item, or logo drawn in the style of your choice (other illustrations can be included on the map for an additional fee)
• Ten marker Icons (other icons can be included on the map for an additional fee)
• Three location addresses
• A promise to try to design the map to coordinate with your invite

Please visit Invite Maps by Tillie our sister company for additional information.

The Types of Maps We Offer_______________  
The Event/Wedding Map
This custom map showcases beautiful, custom and personalized illustrations of your chosen locations. The illustration may be drawn in three different styles. The illustrations may also be art elements from your invite. An example would be if there is a beautiful flower on your invite that you wanted to include on your map. Another key focus of our Event/Wedding Map is marker icons. Marker icons may be used to mark points of interest in the area. They can also be used to mark key points of personal interests. The following is an example of some ideas that may be added to your map. Let your creativity add to the list.
• marriage proposal                        
• first kiss
• alma maters                            
• professions
• the location of where you met            
• hobbies
• favorite pets                            
• favorite possessions
• quotes
The One Color Designer Map and The Two Color Designer Map
When you want to showcase your Wedding color(s), the One Color Designer Map andthe Two Color Designer Map are the perfect choice. These two maps focus on the color and also on your wedding or event illustrations. This maps does not have any marker icons.
The Corporate Map
The Corporate Map is designed to be used in corporate literature. The map may also go into invitations for corporate events. They may includeyour corporate or event’s logo. We work with you to design the perfect map.
The Save the Date Map
Excited about the location of your upcoming wedding or event why not put it center stage by having a beautiful map custom designed and used for your Save the Date.
The New Home Map
Inform your friends of your new address with this map that will show them how to get to your new home.
The Mommy and Me Play Date Map
This map will have your home and/or activities to do in the area.
The Bliss Map
Let your creativity flow. The sky’s the limit. Prices are contingent upon selections and are not based on the prices shown below.
Creative Ways To Use Your Map_______________  
Your custom event map can be used in a variety of ways:
• included into your guest’s welcome basket
• available at the first location for upcoming events of the day (distributed at the ceremony for guests to arrive at the following destinations)
• Guest book page
• created for your Save the Date cards
• programs and program covers
• favor bags
• placemats
• event wall decoration
• included in event photography books, scrapbooks, videos etc

Design Fee
$200 (design of one custom map)
Additional Illustration Fees
• Each map comes with one illustration. Additional illustrations can be easily added for a charge between $15-$35 depending upon the complexity of the illustration
• Each Map comes with ten marker icons. Additional marker icons can be easily added for $10 per marker icon.
Printing Fees
Color printing on front: $0.25 per map
Color printing on front and back: $0.50 per map
Color printing on front and black printing on back: $0.38 per map
Black/Grayscale printing on front: $0.15 per map
Black/Grayscale printing on front and back: $0.30 per map

(Taxes and shipping are not included in the above pricing)
Printing Notes
• Maps are printed on thick 80# cover paper selected to match your invitations. We also offer printing on metallic papers, vellum paper and  many other choices.
• Maps are printed using state of the art printers.
• Thermography and Letterpress printing are  available at additional fees.
• Your map can be sent to a printer of  your choice. We can also prepare the map for you to send to guests via email  or shown to guests on a web page.
• Any map size can be printed. The price above reflects any map that is smaller than 5.5 x 8.5. For maps sized 5.5 x 8.5 to 8.5 x 11 please add a fee of $50 per set of 100 Maps. Maps that are larger than 8.5 x 11 can also be printed.
• For an additional $0.15 per print, maps can contain  rounded corners.
• Customizing a number of maps with individual changes can be accommodated for a small charge.
Please continue onto our Product Section to begin the ordering process.
For More Information_______________  
Please visit Invite Maps by Tillie our sister company for additional information and a portfolio of our maps.