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Menus can be made in many different forms. A special touch is to provide a personalized menu for each guest. The personalized menu may also be used as a place card. Menus may be one per table or one per guest. A menu may also be displayed as a large sign.

The menus may be designed to either stand up or rest on the plate. The menu may even be made to fit neatly into a folded napkin. There are endless possibilities.

We work with you in bringing to life your ideas and your vision. We work with all colors, styles and wording choices.

Menus are designed to match your Invitation and/or Signature Collection. We offer over twenty Signature Collections to chose from including a Custom Signature Collection.

Please view our Menus by clicking on one to view the Menu in more detail.

Our Menus may be designed to accommodate any size that is 8.5″ x 11″ or smaller. Larger sizes can be purchased for an additional cost.

• Purchase printed Menus
• Purchase printed Menus with your guests’ names
• Purchase the Menu printed with the design only (guests’ names to be filled out by you).
• Purchase an easy to follow Microsoft word template to insert your guests’ names. The template comes set up in your fonts and all ready for you to insert your text.

Gems, ribbons and other embellishments can easily be added to your Menus for an additional cost.

Digital and Laser printing are standard. Thermography, Letterpress and offset-press printing can be added for an additional cost.

Our standard paper for digital and laser printing is a 110# thick cover stock. We offer both Crane’s Crest Paper and Neenah Paper’s Classic Crest. The paper comes in a multitude of color choices.

We work with a multitude of the finest papers, ribbons, envelopes and other materials. We carry metallic papers, translucent papers, and many more.

Menus can be ordered separately or decide to purchase them as a
Signature Collection Package for a cost savings.

$1.25 each
Self Print Option: $75
Menu Signs: $100
Embellishments: May be added for an additional cost
Larger sizes including a poster of your menu can be created for an additional cost

(Prices are subject to change due to level of detail in design elements)

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